Message from Paula 5/3/19: It has been brought to my attention (thank you KMB!) that someone is using my name and business profile to attract candidates for a sketchy job offer on Indeed. We are not hiring and if we were, we would not ask you to buy TVs for us as your first task. 🤔

We are passionate about bookkeeping
...and yes, we realize how weird that is. 


Our passion for business services means we understand the financial challenges business owners encounter. Cash flow and budgeting are more important than ever and are crucial to long term business success.

We help you understand where your money is spent so decisions can be made that will enable you to reach your business goals.  

Our extensive bookkeeping experience in a broad range of industries enables us to see the big picture and provide you with the information you need to make important business decisions.



Find out more about our bookkeeping and financial consulting services and how we support fast-paced businesses through financial know-how and planning.

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Training & Workshops

Brainstorm Academy

Coming Soon!

Workshops in accounting technology, business technology and more!



You know there is a better way to get things done. We know all the tricks to making small businesses run more efficiently so you can focus on achieving your business goals. 

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