Restaurant & Food Industry Accounting

Love to cook, but hate dealing with the numbers?
At Brainstorm, we love numbers...and good food! 
We're a perfect pairing for your business!

Brainstorm's restaurant and food industry accounting services will give you
the information you need to measure your restaurant's financial health.

We use key metrics such as prime cost, and food, beverage and labor costs as a
percent of income to compare against industry standards.  
When these key metrics are measured against your restaurant's performance,
you will have useful data to make informed business decisions.

As members of the Maine Restaurant Association, and utilizing resources
that provide valuable training and restaurant-specific resources such as
the National Restaurant Association and Restaurant Resource Group
we have the tools to help your business succeed! 


Restaurants & Bars

We help restaurants of all sizes keep their numbers in order. If you have 10 seats or 200 seats, we can help! We understand the metrics you need to measure against, and our cloud-based systems enable us to work efficiently, getting you the reports you need to make informed business decisions.

© Leesniderphotoimages | - NYC: People Buying Food Photo

© Leesniderphotoimages | - NYC: People Buying Food Photo

Food Trucks

We love food trucks! And we understand that your needs are different than a stationary restaurant. Our cloud-based systems enable you to efficiently get us the information we need to do our work, so you can be mobile doing what you love....feeding people on the go!


Catering Companies

With first-hand experience in the event planning industry, we understand that job costing is of utmost importance for your catering business. Our cloud-based systems help us get information efficiently, and specialized bookkeeping processes help you capture every cost!