#4 of 8 - Run an Open Invoices Report in QuickBooks

#4 on the list of "8 Things Every Business Owner Should Know How to Do In QuickBooks"

How to Run an Open Invoices Report in QuickBooks

  • HOW?  Reports – Customers & Receivables – Open Invoices
    • Only invoices for which you haven’t received payment should be listed.
    • If there is a negative balance, look at the “Type” column.  If you see:
      • Credit Memo = A Credit Memo was entered reducing the amount a customer owes you
      • Payment = A Customer Payment was received, but has not been applied to an invoice.  To apply the payment:  
        • Customers – Receive Payments – Discounts & Credits
      • Deposit = A Deposit was entered directly to Accounts Receivable.  To apply the payment:
        • If Deposit is reconciled:  Customers – Receive Payments – Discounts & Credits
        • If Deposit is NOT reconciled:  Delete the deposit, then re-enter the correct way: Customers – Receive Payments – Check off invoice